Web Development Tricks and Tips to improve Online Sales

Online Sales

Many merchants are not aware that the design of their website, from the landing page to the shopping cart; will have a direct impact on the success of their sales. Your conversion rates will all hinge on the smallest of design elements; which implies that every decision you make should be done with cautious consideration of your customers.

All businesses need their customer’s shopping experience to be as intuitive and pleasant as possible, however some get carried away with their designs; resulting in flashy animations and awkward features which may slow down a browser and cause problems. Read More

Importance of Content, Space and Typography in Website Development

Importance of Content, Space and Typography

Designing an amazing, innovative, and most-importantly, successful website is about far more than simply showing off whatever product or service your company should provide. When visitors approach your website, they’re bombarded with a variety of visual information that helps them to formulate an impression regarding your brand. The type of impression that your website produces relies entirely upon you. And it usually depends on the way you go about designing your pages, and content. Read More

Is it necessary to have an Email address with your company’s name?

Email address with Company Name

One of the best ways to promote your business and your website is through your email address. You’ll be advertising your domain name, instead of advertising for your internet service provider. Is your mail address ends with @gmail.com, @aol.com, @cox.com, @hotmail.com or any other personal or consumer type e-mail address domain? By using these types of e-mail accounts you may blow your credibility as an established and serious business. Read More

The best video format for a web?

The best video format for a web?

What is the best video format for a web? It’s Quite a confusing question…..How can we select the right video format from a number of formats existing today? With just a little bit of basic knowledge, you can avoid the trouble.

Basically, there are 2 broad categories of video formats. Some formats are meant for your finalized video and are called sharing formats. The second format is called raw video master clips used more in the beginning stages of a video project. You have to evaluate whether a format is the “right” one or not by considering three criteria:

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