Is Google Possum giving you a hard time?

Google Possum

When you think of SEO, you will realize that the game of optimization is no more a child’s play. The new Google Possum has taken a drive on how a particular phrase or word needs to be spotted out in local search rankings.
Well, the crux of the Possum is that it seems to linger upon local searches only. If you are looking only for names about a company, then this problem probably would not arise. Read More

Google – Mobile Friendly Update

Google – Mobile Friendly Update

It has completely released the second edition of the mobile-friendly upgrade nowadays. Google Search engine Webmaster David Mueller declared it on Tweets, saying, “The mobile changes described here are now completely released.”

And Google provided us a heads-up in Goal that they are intending to improve the mobile-friendly criteria in May. And clearly, that has completed moving out nowadays.

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Elements of an SEO-friendly web design

SEO-friendly web design

There are a number of elements that should be kept top of mind to ensure a website’s design is SEO-friendly web design. First and foremost, if your website load speed is slow and choppy, then this is the first factor to handle. A slow website is either bogged-down with huge media files (i.e. huge images, Flash media videos, etc.) or poor, cumbersome coding structures. Read More

How to optimize your posts with the right length?

Posts With the Right Length

You should already know that content marketing is the element that gives crucial traction for a website. Without content marketing, it becomes almost not possible to tempt users to your webpage, so that conversion may happen. However, making the content alone isn’t enough – you also have to make sure that your posts are optimized. You have done the hard work in making original, engaging text, now you need it to be recognized and engaged with by your audience. Read More

How to use Goals in Google Analytics?

When it involves creating the most out of the advantages of Google Analytics. Using Goals is an important method for businesses to quantify. And understand just how well their website is performing with reference to specific, relevant objectives.

It is possible for businesses and people alike to set up individual Goals; which then track a particular aspect of your website. These actions are usually defined as any activity that leads to completion, commonly referred to as conversions. Conversions can seem in the kind of a customer making a purchase online, signing up in a newsletter, or finishing a website registration to use goals in google analytics11 Read More

Why links are important in Search Engine Optimization?


If you have been maintaining with the updates to Google over the recent years, then you will find yourself thinking that links aren’t as vital as they once were. In fact, a number of on-line forums and blogs believe that links aren’t vital at all, and nor is SEO marketing. However, these believes are mistake. It’s necessary to know the reality regarding links, accepting the myths floating around the web can be enough to destroy your website ranking. Read More

How can you improve your online traffic without link building?

Online Traffic Without Link Building

Do you know a method to improve your online traffic without link building? Creating natural and authentic back-links is a fantastic way to improve your on-line search engine rankings, however it’s not the only way to boost your traffic. If you’re new to the SEO way of life, then building links might not be your strong suit, and you may find yourself struggling to search out a way to assist your website thrive. Writing outreach emails are often terrifying, leading a lot of people to consider the dangerous route of buying links. Read More

What is the role of customer support in SEO?

Customer Support in SEO

Customer support is very essential part of your overall program of marketing, especially in reference to SEO. Ensuring that there’s continuously a distinct line of communication available between both departments can generate results like better links, improved content and greater amounts of clients. Now let us see some of the factors that help to get more customers for your business. Read More

Basic SEO Rules you need to consider while launching a new Website

SEO Rules

Do you know what the basic SEO rules you need to consider while launching a new website are? If your business needs to be profitable in the online business, you need to enhance your website using Search Engine Optimization. To enhance the visibility of your website we use Search Engine Optimization and this improves the rankings at different and well-liked search engines. Now let us see 5 basic SEO rules that you need to consider while launching a new website. Read More