How to use Goals in Google Analytics?

When it involves creating the most out of the advantages of Google Analytics. Using Goals is an important method for businesses to quantify. And understand just how well their website is performing with reference to specific, relevant objectives.

It is possible for businesses and people alike to set up individual Goals; which then track a particular aspect of your website. These actions are usually defined as any activity that leads to completion, commonly referred to as conversions. Conversions can seem in the kind of a customer making a purchase online, signing up in a newsletter, or finishing a website registration to use goals in google analytics11 Read More

Basic SEO Rules you need to consider while launching a new Website

SEO Rules

Do you know what the basic SEO rules you need to consider while launching a new website are? If your business needs to be profitable in the online business, you need to enhance your website using Search Engine Optimization. To enhance the visibility of your website we use Search Engine Optimization and this improves the rankings at different and well-liked search engines. Now let us see 5 basic SEO rules that you need to consider while launching a new website. Read More

What is the use of keyword in SEO and web sustainability?

 SEO and web sustainability

SEO consists of two basic elements: producing search-engine-friendly content and getting high-quality inbound links. there is a another element that you have to take seriously: staying on the proper side of Google and avoiding Google penalties at all costs, since Google is the leading search engine and obtaining banned is pretty much a death sentence for a web site, particularly if it is a young web site without an established following. Read More

Tips for survival of SEO in 2015

Survival of SEO 2015

We know that SEO plays a major role in attaining high page rank. Also SEO has modified dramatically. In 2014, the Panda updates alone created content chaos for several web site owners. In 2015, several SEO specialists are involved concerning the changes ahead, but there is no need for concern for those who learn to form a sustainable SEO plan.

In 2014, the pigeon update modified local search results, the HTTPS/SSL update provide more credibility to sites, and the Panda updates improved the content found on pages everywhere. Read More