Web Development Tricks and Tips to improve Online Sales

Online Sales

Many merchants are not aware that the design of their website, from the landing page to the shopping cart; will have a direct impact on the success of their sales. Your conversion rates will all hinge on the smallest of design elements; which implies that every decision you make should be done with cautious consideration of your customers.

All businesses need their customer’s shopping experience to be as intuitive and pleasant as possible, however some get carried away with their designs; resulting in flashy animations and awkward features which may slow down a browser and cause problems. Read More

How can you generate huge online marketing results with a tiny budget?

Online Marketing

In today’s modern society, generating attention online is like generating cold, hard cash. Of course, in a world where quality translates to currency, it can be tough to attract the ears and eyes of your preferred target market. Most of the time, you will be fighting for recognition against larger, well-established firms who usually have a larger financial reserve to fund their marketing department. Read More