Mistakes To Be Avoided By Designers

For any profession, there are some do’s and don’t do’s. In this post, we will come across certain things that designers have to follow.  Some of these points can be applied to your field also.
Waiting = Wasting

You might have been the best student during your graduation days or have spent many hours of classes or seminars. Also You might also be a person with strong knowledge base on Photoshop, JQuery, Flash and many more. You have even built your own portfolio. Now, don’t waste a single second by sitting back and thinking what next. I’ve seen many freelancers ruining their own career by waiting for opportunities come their way. The result is that customers or employers will be finding someone else who is active in your field. So, keep yourselves active in your field.

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5 Important Points That A Graphic Designer Should Remember

An Idea Can Change Your Life!! Have you heard this ad? Even though an idea or concept is generated unexpectedly, its execution is not that easy. Sometimes, an idea can lead to an unexpected blunder. Always remember- without making mistakes, you are not going to learn anything. When coming to graphic designing, mistakes may be numerous. In this post, we will run through certain mistakes that graphic designer tends to make. Read More

While posting blogs on graphics designing

Are you about to blog on graphic designing? As there is lot of bloggers writing about graphic design, there is a chance for your blog to get not noticed. You need a lot of patience to get your blog identified. So, to make your blog successful, a lot of time investment and a little effort are required. There are many reasons why designers blog. But, graphic designers blog mainly for two reasons: Read More

Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding is the process of establishing new products’ credibility by associating it with a reputable company. It is important for the success of any business. The main purpose behind corporate branding is to create brand to the new product. Also, this builds awareness about the particular product.A popular example for company that uses corporate branding is Google. The website Google.com was established in the year 1997. Now they are ranked number one website with about 2 billion searches each day.

Now we can see that Google is a trusted website with billions of people.Google always attach their name to a newly launched product. This encourages people to automatically trust this product. That actually speaks the power of corporate brand. Read More

While designing for visually impaired users

Website designing face with the challenge of studying the easy steps to design for visually impaired internet users. Being a professional website designer, you might be struggling your best to make your website user friendly. But, we have to take under consideration, those belonging to a minority for whom normal designers often fail to offer a user-friendly website.Like others, visually impaired persons need to browse the internet for information gathering, working online and getting updates about worldly matters. So, first you need to be aware of visual impairments. There are people with several visual impairments like: Read More

Creative Graphic Designs

It is often said that good designs come from creative designers. But, there are many other factors that determine creative graphic designs. Do you know how can a good control affect graphic designing? How good clients influence design? How much is instinct or style? Don’t think that any of these factors alone can affect graphic designing. But, collectively taken, each of these has its own role to play.Some young designers follow the method of searching other designers’ work for inspiration or ideas.

Although, this practice may help to some extent, it can degrade the real talent of an inspired designer. This also results in the absence of inspirational and fresh thoughts and designs.Only a creative graphic design can properly communicate with the audience. Read More

Qualities Of A Good Graphic Designer

Do you know the key factor that decides the success of your business? It is your web design or web advertisement that drives your small business to success. So, you have to give very importance while hiring a graphic designer for your company. Your website is the initial notion that you give a visitor about your business or services. Your business may be a huge corporate or it can be a small business also. Whatever your business may be, your online presence should attract and draw attention of prospect customers. So, it is important to hire a website development company having experienced graphic designers. Read More

Photoshop Basic Tutorials

Photoshop is one among the most popular tools in the web design solutions. From the preparation of basic design to generation of optimized graphics for a web page, web designers mostly rely on Photoshop and Fireworks. In this post, I’d like to share with you some basic tools and tricks. Also, we will discuss some shortcuts and time-savers that web designers use normally. Through this article, I can’t provide you an overall review of many areas that Photoshop handles; however, this may help beginners in web design to get some basics. If you are not much sure about making selections, applying gradients, and working with layers, go ahead with reading. Read More