Why your website looks different in different browsers?

Web Browsers

We use different browsers to view many websites. In order to view your website in different websites you have to check the browser compatibility issues. Do you know what the reason for the difference in the website in different browsers? This is because the visualization of a website depends on the following variables. They are

  1. Browser Difference
  2. Operating System
  3. Display Resolution

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what is a protosite?

protosite and it’s importance?

What is a protosite?  Why is it important to us? Have you thought of it or do you have any idea of it? Web India Solutions will help you to solve these issues?A “protosite” is just a preliminary drawing of your future web site. It helps both you to establish the way your web site will look. Elements such as colors, page layout, item position, navigation etc. can be mocked up to speed the design process. If changes (colors, text, images, moving things around the page layout etc.) are needed, they can be made before we begin the actual coding. As a matter of fact This is the beginning stage of a website. Read More

While designing for visually impaired users

Visual Designing

Website designing face with the challenge of studying the easy steps to design for visually impaired internet users. Being a professional website designer, you might be struggling your best to make your website user friendly. But, we have to take under consideration, those belonging to a minority for whom normal designers often fail to offer a user-friendly website.Like others, visually impaired persons need to browse the internet for information gathering, working online and getting updates about worldly matters. So, first you need to be aware of visual impairments. There are people with several visual impairments like: Read More

Web Design Trends 2012

Design Trends

Web Design Trends 2012: Hope this year was doing well till now. How is your business going? Being in the website development industry, Web India Solutions wishes to discuss with you the latest or hot web design trends in this year. Trends are always trending! Yeah, but they are really a necessity to grow and study new facts. Now, is it possible for you to create a new trend? Yes. By expanding and researching upon these trends, you can own them.Below listed are web design trends seen in 2012. Most probably, you might  have recognized some of these trends already.Responsive WebsitesResponsive websites are still a new word to many of you. Even some website designers are still unaware of it. I am not sure whether these types of websites become reality this year itself. Responsive web design is based on three technical aspects: Read More