Why it is necessary to personalize a website for your visitors?

Personalize a Website

Creating a website may be a difficult task. At one end, where designer needs to be updated on audience desires while at the same time, he or she should be aware of latest trends and technologies to put them to the simplest use. Innovations are useful but to certain extent. One must work hard to manage and maintain the business website design Stockport. One of the approaches that have turned up with exceptional returns is personalizing web content for visitors. Large owners have already enclosed it in their promotional means that. Small owners should also not ignore this new possibility. Read More

Why PNG Images in your website?

PNG Images

PNG images originally developed in the mid-90’s as a solution to the shortcomings of the traditional GIF image file format. As compared to the GIF, PNG offers a far less basic form of transparency. PNG’s have a distinct advantage in this area.

The PNG file format supports “semi-transparent pixels,” meaning a PNG can be saved with a soft drop shadow and floated over any background. It can be used as a watermark on a textured or gradiented background. It can even be smoothly faded from fully opaque to transparent, revealing the web page contents beneath. Read More

Web Design Trends 2012

Design Trends

Web Design Trends 2012: Hope this year was doing well till now. How is your business going? Being in the website development industry, Web India Solutions wishes to discuss with you the latest or hot web design trends in this year. Trends are always trending! Yeah, but they are really a necessity to grow and study new facts. Now, is it possible for you to create a new trend? Yes. By expanding and researching upon these trends, you can own them.Below listed are web design trends seen in 2012. Most probably, you might  have recognized some of these trends already.Responsive WebsitesResponsive websites are still a new word to many of you. Even some website designers are still unaware of it. I am not sure whether these types of websites become reality this year itself. Responsive web design is based on three technical aspects: Read More

Launching a website

The internet is actually stuffed with portfolios of graphic designers, website developers, photographers and other professionals. There are several facts to be considered while showcasing your expertise before the public. First of all, as I always tell ser up your goal. This is sufficient to develop the right content to your website. Certain other questions to ask yourself are who your target customer is, what work you are expecting to build up and what your right field of work is. Now, you can discover the “voice” of your website. Read More

Redesign my existing website

Is your website outdated and not beneficial to you and your customer ? Redesign now

Then surely you need to redesign your website. A website developed with no focus on marketing/ business values is surely an outdated one. If a website is not bringing you enough traffic, it may be due to the poor design of the website, or layout or the color combination also. If you decide to redesign your website, take some time to develop a specific and clear plan.


So, which is the first step to be taken after your decision on redesigning?? It is surely the feedback from your customers. They do have a unique perspective on your website. You will also get directly from your customers what they are expecting from the website. Also, they can help you in pointing out the issues related to accessibility. There are lot of suggestion boxes and survey solutions to make us know why people are there in our websites. This will also help you a lot.

Get in touch with professionals

Feedback from customers will help you to figure out the problems. But, most of them are personal preferences and also they fail to offer any solution. So, the next step is to get in touch with professionals. Only a professional website developer can identify the vital issues related to your website. They can help directly in your website redesign by providing a time- tested opinion based on website design, layout, usability etc.

Once you have gained enough customer and professional feedback on your present website, prioritize the list of recommendations to be included in the redesign specification. Make sure the critical ones are not missing out. With this listing in hand, develop a detailed project specification document.  This document should contain the proposed website structure, page content, design preferences and all other relevant information.

Cost- effective and On-time project

From this prioritized listing, divide this specification into multiple phases. This will generate a detailed specification document which is integrated form of an efficient, cost- effective and on-time project. You should agree on clear and measurable objectives before the launch of your new website. The redesign of your website without objectives is an utter failure. So, take a close look at your actual goals and do proper planning for your new website.