Combine your SEO Strategies and Public Relations for Success

SEO Strategies

Over the years, SEO strategies have been in a state of almost constant flux. As the internet and marketing trends modify and evolve, so too does our approach to content marketing. Today, there’s an extremely high focus on attracting attention from top quality brands. However, obtaining those brands to talk regarding you requires a deeper consideration of public relations. In fact, it may be argued that PR requires being a staple of the present era of search engine optimization. Read More

Factors you need to know to dominate Local Search

Dominate Local Search

When you look at Local Search from the view of a business owner, it’s all regarding their company found whenever people in their area are looking on-line either specifically for them or for the products and services they provide. You can Improve Local Search Rankings if you’re having a small business that includes a physical location, you can benefit from local search marketing. Read More

How can you get better ranking in Global search engines?

Global Search Engines

In the early days, one of the first search engines was Yahoo. Google, when still a small start-up, extended this content-based search, and checked out links from different websites to a particular website, so that the greater the number of links, the more “authority” it has and the more relevance it is likely to be to the searcher. This is often where Google gained its competitive advantage as it returned the most relevant results to users. Read More

Tips for survival of SEO in 2015

Survival of SEO 2015

We know that SEO plays a major role in attaining high page rank. Also SEO has modified dramatically. In 2014, the Panda updates alone created content chaos for several web site owners. In 2015, several SEO specialists are involved concerning the changes ahead, but there is no need for concern for those who learn to form a sustainable SEO plan.

In 2014, the pigeon update modified local search results, the HTTPS/SSL update provide more credibility to sites, and the Panda updates improved the content found on pages everywhere. Read More

How to make your website search engine friendly??

How to make your website search engine friendly?

You all know that this is the age of websites. As the numbers of websites are growing rapidly, it will be difficult for a newly developing website to become a part of website traffic. Webindia solutions can suggest certain tips for creating search engine friendly websites. The effective way to create search engine friendly website Search Engine Optimization (SEO). An important thing you should remember about search engine is that their software can read text. So you can code the contents of the website in HTML, so that they can be read by the search engine.

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How Web Design Can Affect Search Engine Rankings?

How Web Design Can Affect Search Engine Rankings?

Do you know that even your website design can affect SEO? Website designed by professionals can improve page ranks in search engine. Every website designer should be aware of some design aspects that affects SEO. Whether it is a static website or dynamic website, inorder to achieve the fruitful benefit of SEO, many points have to be taken under consideration.

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Local SEO Opportunity for Your Local Business

Local SEO Opportunity for Your Local Business

Local SEO is easy to achieve.SEO has proven itself to be a cost effective way to drive customers to shops and businesses. Still, some business people ignore SEO sticking on to the same old marketing strategies. I am writing this article in order to lessen some of the misunderstandings they have on SEO. Many local businesses think that SEO is only meant to promote the brand of big corporate companies.Actually, on a local view point of your business, local SEO results are much faster compared to global.

Moreover There is less competition in suburbs and your neighborhood. This means that it is easier and reliable to achieve your goals in short span of time. Read More

Tools For SEO

SEO Hacks

In my previous blogs, I have gone through some basic SEO tips and also steps to be followed while hiring a Search Engine Optimization company. We know that Search Engines are essential for your website getting noticed. It is really a great challenge to optimize your website if you don’t have the necessary tools.

Google Webmaster Tools:

 Webmaster tools help in improving your target keywords by providing indexing issues, keyword visibility, impressions, average position of search items and the click through rate. You may have a look on our previous blogs on Webmaster guidelines.

Google Insights for Search:

 Another amazing too from Google is their Insights. This allows you to input any keyword and see the distribution of that keyword. It gives a wide range of information from the globe to a small city. Insights also provide a list of other relevant terms that brings traffic to your website.

URI Valet: 

URI Valet is a major weapon for SEO. This tool performs technical audits and gives the user statistics on server headers, the time it takes to download, internal links, external links, object details, as well as a text to HTML ratio.

 SEOXenu’s Link Sleuth:

 Xenu’s Link Sleuth is also a great tool for website audits. This gets directly downloaded to your desktop. This tool analyzes your website and gives report on broken links. Moreover Link verification is done on “normal” links, images, frames, plug-ins, backgrounds, local image maps, style sheets, scripts and java applets. It displays a continuously updated list of URLs which can be sorted on different criteria.

 Rank Checker:

 When you want to check multiple rankings and have little time, the Rank Checker tool offers a quick and easy interface that allows you to check where a site ranks on Google. In fact This tool runs directly off your browser, which can cause a couple problems. Localization of search results can affect true search results and if you are signed into a personal browser account, it will use your previous browsing history and tendencies.

SEO Toolbar from SEOmoz and Shared Count:

These are other tools for doing SEO. Among this, Shared Count is a slightly different SEO tool which has some social side also. It fives the number of Facebook likes, Tweets, Stumbles etc. With these amazing tools and some practice, you can start building awareness through optimizing your current webpage.