How to grow your Internet Business

Internet money

Inorder to earn extra penny in their pocket, many people, even students are moving to internet marketing. To make this worthwhile, you will have to invest a good amount of time in your business. Remember, luck alone cannot make you won in this field. Dedication, hard work and thorough research together can lead you to the real victory.

You need to know about SEO, through which you can get more traffic to your website and also to achieve top search rankings. There are many SEO tools and advertising technologies available today to help your business rank high in search engines like Google. So, spend your time and effort to draw customers into your business. Read More

Website Maintenance for sustaining traffic of your website

Web Site Traffic

Undoubtedly you can say that the main purpose of having a website is increased business return through growing traffic. You are expecting a huge amount of traffic or thousands of people to visit your website. So, it is as important as website development to maintainyour website traffic. Put some effort to reach your goal.

The most important threat that affects your traffic is broken links itself. If your website has links to some outside source, make sure to check it from time to time that the link exists or is valid. Especially, there are more chances of broken links if you are linked to an old blog entry or any particular page. Read More

Where can I learn SEO??

Learn seo

Dear friend,what to know seo ? I know that you are busy with your postings and sharing in social networking sites. Are you remembering those utterly boring lecture classes you had in your college? Sorry, I’m not here to take you back to your classrooms or recollect your college days. But, I feel very sorry about those (even myself) who were wasting their time to some unimportant lectures with sleepy hours. So, through this blog, I’d like to suggest those graduates or students to learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization.

You can never discover a ‘School for SEO’ or ‘B.Sc SEO’ anywhere in the world now. Now, as a part of building my future along with website development industry, I could see some basics of SEO. I wish if I could learn the basics of SEO during my school or college days. Actually, while moving through the surface layer of SEO, you will find yourself curious. You will get a sack- full of tips and tricks for SEO and you may fail while learning the basics.


Do you think spending your valuable time around social networking sites is enough? Never; you have to become a power user of web to become the best online marketer. Now, you may think how is this possible, right? My friend, there are a lot of techniques like participating in online forums, commenting on blogs, subscribe to online newspapers, meeting photographers at Flickr etc. Just learn how people interact with each other and Internet marketing principles by becoming a power user. You will also see how bloggers are winning hearts of many users and you will learn more tips on Internet marketing. The more you grab, better you understand how the web works.

Start blogging very soon and learn how other bloggers write about something they are passionate about. Searching other bloggers and commenting on their blogs is also a good SEO technique. I started my career in SEO with blog commenting. You may start a blog on any interesting thing or something you are passionate about. So, start your blog, today!!

Remember, it is always fine to learn the basics of code, while you build up your own blog. This will give a huge advantage to you over those who are clueless while talking with developers. I wish I could spend a little more time on coding during my graduation! 😉

I had many classes or unimportant lectures which I remember very little of what I learned in any of them. So, I would like to tell you not to mix your studies with SEO. Just make use of your sleepy classes to learn Internet marketing and SEO. If you are getting a chance to attend lectures on SEO or internet marketing, don’t let it go; grab it. Find a professional who might be able to help you to learn the basics of e-commerce and Internet marketing.

Instead of trying to become the master in SEO, just follow the limelight of SEO and find yourself in the new world of Internet marketing. If you are going to have a sleepy lecture hour after putting yourself the whole night learning some wonderful tips of SEO or PHP, never mind. I could surely say that the skill you are passionate about is going to be the same you pursue during your career- not what your higher education forces you to study. So, stay cool and curious. Don’t let your lecture hours kill your career. Learn yourself.