Successful Website For Business

If you run a business and want to build your own website, then you want people to make frequent visits and spread your online brand. So, if you want to create a website that can bring a good return on your business investment, there are several facts to be considered.As I have said previously in many posts, your website is the global advertisement of your business.

Unlike your office, your website is open worldwide, 24/7, 365 days, independent of your business location. So, whatever be your business or how small big be your organization, a good website designer can give your website a magical look. When you craft your website in a personalized manner, you are giving people the feel that you focus on quality and they trust the quality of your product more. That is why I can say that good design is important for a website.

But, design only has 2nd priority when coming to hosting. If you want your website to be active without any obstacle, then you have to host it in a dedicated server. For this, you may contact a good web hosting company in India. You may lose a potential customer if your website is not hosted in a good server.

A good hosting company will have tools and templates for you, but it is always better to have clear idea about the navigation links that you have to provide in your website. By providing an uncluttered navigation flow, you are offering your customers easiness for information gathering. Always keep the number of images in your website to a minimum to start as this may take too much of time to load. Keeping your paragraphs to a limited number, you are encouraging people to read your whole content.

Make sure that your website is compatible with all browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera. It is better to avoid scripting languages on your website, unless it is very necessary. You may use these inorder to manipulate data, not to create visual effects on your website. But, using scripting languages beyond a limit will increase the loading time and even crashes some browsers.

Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) will save a lot of work by styling all elements in your website at the same time. Any further changes to your website can be made easily by using CSS.

Some more tips to get a good website design are:

  • Create HTML that’s simpler, uses less code, is search-engine friendly, and works well with CSS
  • Use style text by changing fonts, colors, font sizes, and adding borders
  • Turn simple HTML links into complex and attractive navigation bars — complete with rollover effects
  • Create effective photo galleries and special effects, including drop shadows
  • Get up to speed on CSS 3 properties that work in the latest browser versions
  • Build complex layouts using CSS, including multi-column designs

For any website, traffic is the primary factor that decides the success. More visitors returning to your website, higher will be you placed in search engines. Starting a forum will enable your website visitors to share their opinions and interact with other visitors. This will create a feel of being in a community to your audiences. Also, this keeps your website content frequently updated which is necessary for SEO. But, remember you will have to invest a good amount of time to manage a forum like keep up with new posts, delete spam etc.

Maintaining a blog or online journal is also helpful in keeping your website updated with fresh content. More people will come back to your blog if you start posting interesting stuff. Polls or surveys are another way for interaction that may be considered to make people involved in discussions.

To develop a good writing strategy, you can follow these steps:

  • Plan a search engine strategy
  • Build pages that offer visibility
  • Make your site rank high with the most important search engines
  • Avoid things that search engines don’t like
  • Use Google universal search, image search optimization, XML sitemaps, and more
  • Choose the right keywords
  • Track and measure your results
  • Boost your position with popular links and social networking sites
  • Use pay-per-click in ways that get the most bang for your advertising buck

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