Staying active in SEO?

Staying Active in SEO
Tips for staying active in SEO.








    • SEO or Search Engine Optimization, deals mostly with fresh and updated content.They say ‘Content is King’.
      But, I have also heard lately, ‘Content is King, but Context is God !’.Well here are ways to actually staying active in SEO:
    • Being socially active on the web. Keep good contacts corresponding to work on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,etc.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization
  • Also keep fresh posts on blogging sites such as Blogger, WordPress and keep them alive.
  • Be involved in forums; View the discussions on different topics related to your work and take part in answering and questioning(if you have any) the topics present in that forum .
  • The more you are involved in these networks , the better results you will yield.Also, keep separate accounts for all these social websites and do not link the forums or blogs with your personal accounts of social media(Trust me ,keeping separate accounts will help you greatly).
  • Moreover, look for latest news, discussions and updates of search engine optimization. The search in Google might help you.

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