Promotion Techniques

Some Simple Blog Promotion Techniques: Are you thinking of starting your blog site? Here are some strategies you need to give attention to make your blog stand out of the crowd. Fresh and original content is the first thing your blog must have. Apart from content, there are some other factors also that can affect your blog.

  • Good Design

A good looking blog with custom design can surely attract targeted customers. Choosing a good theme that is customized with your logo will give a professional look to the blog. Proper use of graphics as well as color schemes is equally important to get a generic feel.

Use of subheadings, formatting and other solid design tactics make each post readable and attractive.

  • Make your blog a Market place

You may have enough reasons to tell why your product or service is so special. In the same way, try to communicate with your audience about the importance of your blog and why it is unique. You should accept the fact that blog is a market place to exhibit your expertise and credentials before the public.


  • Make it “real

Including photographs, biographical details about the writer, an ‘about us’ page, your contact details etc give readers more reasons to trust you.

  • Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page for your blog, and make sure you fill out the page with your logo, blog details, etc. Make sure you regularly post and interact on your page (at LEAST once a week). Implementing a box that shows all your Facebook fan page into your blog is a great technique. Also, you can place a “Like” button in the blog page itself.

  • Twitter Profile

Creating a Twitter profile and tweeting your blog links to it is a good blog promotion technique. You may also link your Twitter profile to the Facebook fan page also (or vice versa). Same as “Like” button, you can place “Tweet” button also.

  • Links of all your Social Networks

Placing all of your social media buttons in your blog page for promotion is a common technique employed for blog promotion. I also recommend the same.

  • ShareThis Widget

By implementing this widget, your blog readers can easily share your blog post across a wide variety of social platforms.

These are some strategies that beginners can employ for their blog promotion. We will discuss more ideas and techniques in the upcoming sections. If you have your own unique strategies that are not listed above, please suggest that too. We always welcome suggestions from our valuable readers.


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