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Do you know how many social networks are there in total?? Please don’t start counting like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on. Some studies reveal that about 3 social networking sites are popping up daily on a regular basis. These social networks don’t have 800 million users Like Facebook or 200 million people who Follows Twitter. It doesn’t mean that they are the wrong place for brands. There are many rising social networks like Pinterest, Houzz, Tumblr, GetGlue and PlayUp. Each of these networks have a different demographic and audience. Also they offer unique ways to share, comment etc.

social networks

But, brands or companies are not willing to create pages in each and every social networks even if they have the right audience there; why? Having there own space on all social networks is a great way for SEO. But, to grab the full advantage of social networks, specific engagement has to be offered for particular community, which is not an easy task. So, what are the points to be remembered while going to other social networking sites?

  • Make sure that your target audiences are present in the community. Since your goal is to engage with your target audiences, the quality of members in the social network is a critical point.
  • Think how much time you will need to engage with the community. Extending your brand to a social networking site requires daily community management tasks. Your success will depend on how active you are in the network.
  • You have to use your presence on new social network to promote your business. Take this community as a market place to sell your product or service. So, this has to be the right place for you. Also, decide whether you will be able to showcase your product using this social media. For example, audio in MySpace and Photos in Flickr.


  • Setting up your goals and objectives is necessary in this case also. It will help you a lot to manage your success. So, map out specific goals, actions, share metrics etc.
  • Due to the huge rise in social networking sites, even social media futurists are unable to predict which social network is going to be in the hearts of people for the long haul. So, research well to figure out where will be the particular community lifting up you after two years.

To summarize, you have to participate in niche communities to reach specific prospects. So, by reminding these above points, you can bring a skeleton to your marketing strategy to certain extend.


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