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Social Networking Impact: Social networks like Twitter, MySpace and Facebook have experienced a great development in membership within a short span of time. We are all familiar with the attractive means of interaction and sharing offered by them. Also, there are several privacy and security concerns aroused recently. However, social networks bring forth novel interactive ways for users, in the midst of these privacy concerns. Millions of people around the world willingly open their own social media accounts for friends, jobs, or other social purposes, knowing these niche concerns.
social networking

Social Networks

Social networks never force anybody to join them, they only encourage without compelling to reveal any personal information.  Any way, people have a never-mind attitude in the revelation of personal data and the misuses. 

It is really a surprise that the concept of Online Social Networking emerged at the early days of computer networks. It took many years for social networks to get the present rich look and met commercial success. Some studies on social media reveal that the media attention has been so intense and they have achieved a mass market penetration in short period along with the ‘phishing threats’.

The Facebook

Let me give a little more attention to Facebook. You may ask why. The reason is the personal identification we get through this network. Also, the quality of information available through this network is the best. Moreover It is well crafted network for youngsters; however people of all age groups are active with their account. On the business point of view also, Facebook has created wonders. Unlike other online networks, FB offers its members very granular control on the visibility of their personal information.

Facebook Usage

Do you know what is the Facebook used for? By far, it’s been used by people for dating, searching friends, advertising etc. Apart from these basic levels of communication, Facebook has been very useful in promoting businesses and organizations. So, we cannot generalize the usage of Facebook to a specific category.

Some more Social Facts

Among other social networks, Facebook stands out for its broad membership, unique data sharing and relevant information. Some social media researchers have come to conclude that privacy attitudes play a role for non under graduate community. Age and student status are the most significant factors in determining FB membership. In fact A good majority of FB members are concerned about the profile visibility and the other significant minority is not aware. Anyway, it is very interesting to see people booking their space in social networks without caring the issues caused by misuse of their profile.


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