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We are all witnesses of the tremendous social media growth in the past few years. Several studies and researches were already done by certain researchers and are still going on. This is due to the huge impact of social networking sites over corporate and brands.

Some research communities have spent years on researching corporate social media policies. They came up with gathering case studies on companies’ blogging policy development. Also, they put forward some proper implementation strategies for managing internal and external corporate blogs and other forms of social media.

Several factors emerged with highest priority in the successful implementation of corporate blogging policies.


Build up a corporate culture of openness. Respect the opinions of employees, prospects and other constituencies. Disclose commercial or personal connections in blog posts.

Trust: Employees should be trusted to communicate, good judgment and relationship maintenance. Also, proper training should be given to employees on how to blog.

Content: Check and verify your blog post with colleagues before publishing. If you reveal any private conversations, ask permission before publishing it.

Comments: Develop a unique and proper commenting policy for your company. You may allow both positive and negative comments; better you restrict inappropriate comments.

Confidentiality: If a post or content is found to be confidential, don’t hesitate to delete that one. Also, if some matters get posted accidentally, remove it immediately. Don’t forget to mention the reason for removing that post.

Constructive Criticism: Allowing an open communication among employees as well as your management will be helpful to build a strong foundation for the successful roll out of a social media program.

Acknowledgement: Acknowledge errors from your side and ensure to fix them in your coming blogs in a timely and open manner.

You can refer other social media tips for blogging in Rules for better Blogging.




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