Smart Blogging

Smart Blogging: Friend, do you think using tough words makes your writing look bigger? Give me a moment and read this blog. According to certain researches and studies recently done by psychologists, it is not correct. Also, complex writing makes a feel to your readers that you are narrow minded. In this blog, I’d like to suggest certain points that I studied from blogging.The first and foremost thing you have to do for better writing is to stop trying to get a good impression. Also Represent your good and relevant ideas in simpler manner. Moreover These are some of my suggestions for brilliant blogging.

Select topics wisely:

Make notes on the topic you wish to share your point of view. Also Read more on that particular topic.

Be specific:

Specific writing is another way to get noticed. Instead of talking irrelevant and old topics, say something new and interesting.

Keep it simple:

Simple writing with brilliant ideas keeps your blog with sufficient traffic. Try your best to fill your blog or article with simple words.

Write short sentences:

In fact Limiting your paragraphs to few sentences is an easy way to get impression of your readers. Let each of your sentences convey a thought.

Don’t repeat:

Don’t keep writing the same point again and again as readers may get irritated and bored.


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