Short Tail and Long Tail

Have you heard of Long Tail and Short Tail? Perhaps you might have heard of it, right? Anyway, I can explain both with some examples.Short Tail: a small phrase, less than or equal to 3 wordsE.g.: website development company

Long Tail: keyword phrase with more than 3 words

E.g.: which website development company in india offers unique web solutions

People do their searches through either of these keyword phrases given above. They just need a result, whether using long tail or short tail. Both are having advantages as well as disadvantages.

  • If the competition for a particular keyword is high, short tail may be tough to come up with this competition. In today’s highly competitive market condition, long tail is more preferable.
  • Do researches to discover different keywords and discover what traffic they generate. Don’t stuff your website with keywords or content without studying them properly.
  • Get more good content to add to your website. Add many, but valuable content to your website that describes your product or services.
  • Get more links to your website and within a month or two, you will get amazing results.
  • Utilizing social media tools and blogging will also help you a lot.

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