Short Blogs

My blog post is very short one. Will Search Engines discover it?? Generally speaking, long and keyword-stuffed blogs will do great for SEO. Search Engines have been in love with text; they will reward you for amazing and high quality content.

Usually, I blog what I want to say; so, when I have a lot to say, my blog posts will be long, almost around 500 words. But, what if I have a very little to tell you?? I will conclude everything in 200 words. But, should we need to worry about blog length? Personally I don’t believe that a small blog post do nothing for SEO. Google is smart enough to figure out a legit blog even if it has many shorter blog posts. So, I feel free to publish short blog posts.

Now, Google attempts to drop certain sites with large amount of low-quality content. Still do you insist on publishing huge blog posts? I can easily tell you that we don’t need to focus on the number of words. There are many popular blogs with short posts and still loved by Google.

But, when you write short blogs, it should be extra high quality and include generate many backlinks that point back to your website. It is a known assumption that Google ranks a site with more number of backlinks.

So, to conclude, I need to say, short blogs are not necessarily bad for SEO; but low-quality posts are. So, if you are sure about the quality of your blog posts, you don’t need to worry about the length of your post.



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