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Improve your Google search ranking with  SEO and Digital Marketing strategy

SEO and Digital Marketing are two strong pillars of your business online. The traffic to your website, leads generated online, enquiry mails and what not, every single thing depends on how well your website is optimised and how good your social media presence is. In order to realise the importance of organic visibility of your services online, you need to understand how a search engine operates.

Google uses an algorithm to decide the ranking of each and every website. When we search for a product or service, it is according to this calculated ranking system, that each page appears on the search results. For instance, you want to buy a laptop and you Google ‘laptops online’. Would you even bother to go beyond page one of Google page results or how often do you extend your search to page 2? The simple reason is that you strongly believe that the results on page one is more credible than the ones that appear afterwards. So it is not just about being on the first page and appearing everywhere on social media. It is also about the credibility of your business.

Every business wants to be on the first page of Google search results, but is it that easy? No, would be the definite answer. You need an expert to spend time on your website to keep up with the Google ranking system. At Web India Solutions, we have an efficient team of SEOs and social media managers who work systematically to increase your page ranking and online presence. It is high time that you ask yourself a question. How credible is your business online ?