Semantic Web-An emerging web technology

The Web technology has become a part of our daily life and the amount of information they are handling is growing faster. Besides plain text, multimedia information is also becoming a part of web information. This makes it difficult to find useful information. How can we solve the problem?. How to make the web easier and faster?. Can these works be done by a computer? .But how is it possible? Web India Solutions say it is possible.

It is possible by means of semantic web technology. The Semantic Web, as originally is a system that enables machines to “understand” and respond to complex human requests based on their meaning. Such an “understanding” requires that the relevant information sources be semantically structured.In order to make this possible the syntax of the language should be semantic.semantic web is not a separate thing. It is an extension to the current Web that adds new data to existing Web documents extending those documents into data.
Resource Description Framework
This extension of Web documents to data is what will enable the Web to be processed automatically by machines. And also manually by humans.To do this RDF (Resource Description Framework) is used to turn basic Web data into structured data that software can make use of. RDF works on Web pages and also inside applications and databases. Putting information into RDF files, makes it possible for computer programs to search, discover, pick up, collect, analyze and process information from the web. Moreover The main power of Semantic Web languages is that anyone can create one; simply by publishing some RDF that describes a set of URIs; what they do; and how they should be used.

The Semantic Web does not yet exist. It’s a very real concept; but one which is only still in the formative phase. The standards for Semantic Web technology are still being worked out. In the meantime. Also We can continue to play with words and expressions like weak semantic bonding.


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