Rules for blogging

Better Blogging: rules for blogging  readers have a variety of options for each topic in the web. So, within your niche, prospects may be enjoying other blogs, ignoring yours!! So, how can you overcome this poor situation? Promoting your content via social media, getting better search ranking etc may work well for a certain limit. Surely you will get good results through Tweeting, Sharing and even getting more keywords in Google.


All the above mentioned process may be time consuming as you know. Now, is there any other alternative for better blogging?  Your blog has to be tailored to meet your audience’s needs. Yes, you can surely survive in the vast blogging world; but how can you make your blog attractive and differentiating one?

Be the best in your niche:

Rules for blogging

Once you have selected your niche, make sure you can meet your blog objectives. Include as much useful information in your blog which your prospects are in search of. Listen carefully to your audience to pick up the content. When people begin to search complex topics to understand in your blog, your day has begun.

Be more personal and funny:

 Inorder to develop deeper connection with your audience, you have to be more personal and funnier than your competitors. Pulling out inoffensive humor can make your readers come back again and again to your blog. Also, they can increase the number of shares in social media. Just break the barrier between your personality and blog; you will see the miracle!

Say what others think instead of what you think: It is really not that easy to write what is in others’ mind. We need a lot of homework and experience to get this. But, if you could say what your readers wish through your blog, that is your success, I swear. Surely you can be the readers’ choice. 

Be expert in a particular sub-niche-

Be the expert in a specific sub niche of your industry. Then you can become the authoritative source which helps you to develop a big advantage over your competitors. If you are success, then extend your niche gradually to other areas of interests.

 Have a great vision-

Just assume yourself in a position to align your company and blog to start a bigger movement. Burst out your own revolution with your finger tips! You will be able to reach your company objectives.

Be more extreme-

Go beyond other blogs in terms of topics, transparency and challenges. Make your own footprints in the blogging industry. People will find you different from others.

 Write meaningful content-

Collect the best information that you can gift your readers. This includes articles, pictures, videos, charts etc. Link them together in a logical and easy flow navigational rhythm.

Work hard-

You may not get good results in the initial stages; but gradually, with your hard work and deep experience will give you the best results. Awake when your competitors fall asleep to search through the landscape of blogging.

Above all, don’t write every thing. Give a chance for the readers to think. Let them give you their comments and feedback; this may open windows for your next blog topic. Also, have a plan for getting regular and high quality updates onto your site with unique features.


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