Rank Brain

Now Google uses a machine learning artificial intelligence known as Rank Brain which is to help to sort through its search results. The main information regarding the rank brain system is that; it is a machine artificial intelligence system which is used to help to process its search results.

Google rank search results by Rank Brain :

It is a section of Google overall “algorithm “which is a computer program that mainly helps to sort through billions of pages. And need to find the most appropriate and relevant pages for the particular queries.

Third most important signal :

The important signal that have used in the Rank Brain is one of the “hundreds” of signals which go into an algorithm. That mainly determines what results appear on the Google search page and where they are ranked. Within few months it has deployed; and has known the third most important signal on contributing to the result of a search query.

Long tail queries :

The queries which can be complex, multi-word queries, also known as long tail queries. Rank Brain is also designed to help better interpret those queries and efficiently translate them; to find the best pages for the seeker.


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