Low cost 3d printer

peachy printerAre you looking for low cost 3d printer? How would it be, if an app in your Smartphone could design a product and then you could plug this phone into a 3d printer and get the finished product? Here is one such invention. 28-year-old Rylan Grayston invented a 3d printer which costs $100. What’s amazing is that Grayston doesn’t have more than secondary education in computer science or engineering. He lives in a remote small town (Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada) and used information he found on the Internet to reinvent 3d printing technology.

Rylan posted his 3d printer kit, called the “Peachy Printer”, on crowd funding sites to solicit advanced orders for his new invention. Within 30 days he had received over $720,000 worth of orders.

Working of Peachy Printer

peachy printer Rylan

The 3d printer requires a low cost rinsing platform upon which an object will be made. This platform requires expensive microprocessors and motorized components to operate in synchrony with printing heads. So that resin can be deposited layer upon layer to build an object. He uses water in a container as the platform and floated light sensitive resin over it. In fact the resin would rise up in the container as water is added through the drip tube.

peachy printer 2
In order to shape the resin to an object he uses a pair of mirrors that reflect. And control the movements of light beams. To control the mirrors, he uses a software add-on that converts 3D designs into audio files. Moreover the audio wave plays through a headphone jack and moves the mirrors in a corresponding pattern that causes the light beams to sculpt the object from the resin as it rises in the container. Also this allows anyone with a Smartphone to create objects using his printer.


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