Organic SEO

Organic SEO: You know that Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or “organic”(unpaid) search results. Most search engines offer two types of search results to their customers: paid results (typically at the top or on the side) and organic or natural results. An organic search is a search that generates results that were not paid advertisements. Many customers feel that these results are a more accurate reflection of what they might want when searching for a specific phrase. Because they are generated by popularity and common usage.

When you do SEO or search engine optimization you are attempting to adjust the content of your Web pages to rank well in the organic search results. ByBy Organic SEO it refers to the process of improving traffic to a given website by increasing the site’s visibility in search engine results. Improving the contents of a website is considered as a method of improving search engine optimization. Search engine optimization process leads to more traffic for the site. Because the site will appear high in search results for information that pertains to the site’s offerings.

Simple Organic SEO Tips

1) Create copy that search engines can read and index. The copy must include your keyword phrases that you want ranked in the search engines. Despite the attractiveness of creating typographic website elements as graphics files — the excessive use of graphics for type elements will lower your search engine ranking.

2) If you are developing a flash site, break up the flash into 3 to 5 smaller files. Search engine consider the volume of information available based upon the amount of pages Also consider using text on the pages as well as flash, search engines can index the text information much more effectively than the flash information.

3) Do not use hidden text, this is where the text and background color is the same or very similar in color.

4) Create title tags and description Meta tags that are unique to each of the pages using keyword phrases that accurately reflect the content of the page.

5) Create a sitemap and submit it to search engines. Sitemaps are an often-overlooked component of SEO. Search Engines like having an accurate map of websites, much as you like having an accurate map when driving.

Benefits of organic optimization

People click more on organically optimized websites

One can pay his or her way to the top position. This not only happens in the real world it happens in search engines too these days. You can pay to search engines to get good position on search result pages. But then, if search engines are meant to show results according to relevancy of the found pages, why do you need to pay for the placement?

Hence, people don’t generally trust websites that pay to appear on search result pages, they trust, hence click, links that appear naturally on the search result pages. If they appear on their own, it means there is a greater chance of finding the relevant content there.

The search results are long-lasting

Organic SEO keeps your website appearing on the search result pages for a long time. Because your website gives the search engines exactly what they want — relevancy. Relevancy is something you cannot achieve by “tricks” or by paying for it. As long as you ensure relevant content, other websites link to you. And the search engines love your website for that.

Organic SEO builds greater trust

If you are constantly adding organic content to your website, it shows you really care for what you present on your website that shows you take interest in your business. And that further shows you are really there to do business and have not just created a website on a whim. Organic content also manifests your deep-rooted knowledge of what you are involved in.

It’s quite cheaper compared to paid listings

Since many website owners are competing for the same spot at the same time. You often end up paying a lot to appear at a desired spot on the search result pages. Take for instance the expression “web designing”. Somewhere I read the bidding on Google Adwords often exceeds $35 per-click for this expression. So, even if 10 people click on the Adwords ad, the website owners end up paying $350. You can get 4-5 pages organically optimized for the same expression. And keep appearing on the search result pages for a long time without having to pay for every single click.


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