Blog post daily or weekly ?

How often should you post blog? Weekly or daily? Once you start blog, determine your blog objectives or goals. If you expect people to visit your blog frequently, you have to put some effort in determining your own blog frequency. Actually, there is no real answer as to how often should you blog. Some top blogs publish 3-4 posts everyday, while certain other bloggers post just one per week. Both of them do well. You will have to decide your own publishing frequency.

Let us take a simple example; will you buy newspaper everyday if the articles in that paper is never changed? Never. We buy newspaper everyday in order to get fresh articles every day. This is applicable for blogging also. Only if you update your blog with new posts, readers will visit your blog again. More frequently you publish the posts, fresh will be your blog and more frequently will people visiting your site.

Post Blog experince

From my own experience, I can tell you high blogging frequency can attract new visitors. This will also do a lot for Search Engine Optimization. When you post a new post in blog, you are opening new way for search engines to find out you. Another benefit of frequent posting is, it can retain repeat visitors. Thus, daily posting of blogs can make readers decide to subscribe to it. Once people begin to subscribe your blog, more opportunities are opened in order to increase the traffic. So, we can say, the more clients you require to earn a full time income from your blog, more frequently you will have to publish the blogs.

post blog

The next point to be remembered is time management. If you can’t spend more than 1 hr per day for post blog, you should not post 1-2 blogs per week. Lengthy blogs need to be published less frequently only. If you publish a detailed blog with 25 pages, people won’t mind if you can’t publish more than a month. But, if you are posting blogs less than 150 words, better you post 2 blogs a day.

If your goal is to increase your readership, your major concern should be blogging frequency itself. The unwritten rules of blogosphere suggest that:

  • Maximum growth: 3-5 posts per day (Power bloggers)
  • Steady growth: Atleast 1 post per day
  • Slower growth: 2-3 posts per week
  • Very slow growth: Less frequently than 2-3 posts per week (Bloggers with no strategic plans or those who maintain blogs as a hobby)

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