Web Design Trends 2014

Well, it’s the time of year again for the businesses to look ahead what the coming year will bring. Do you have any idea about the new web design trends that we can expect in 2014?  In the last year, many web design trends have been introduced leads a rapid growth in sales by transforming viewers into customers through business websites. Those design trends are still around today with more advanced options. Here I am going to share a few trends to look out for this year.

1.     Flat UI Design
We all are well versed with the stylish interface of Apple’s iOS7 and Windows8. This aesthetic design trend is called as Flat UI design or Flat user interface. Flat UI design trends were made popular by the Apple devices but now after the release of iOS7, tons of websites are hosting everyday with “flat” designs. In this year flat designs became a massive trend because it is more attractive and provided a better experience for the users. This design trend has a few advantages like simple interface, provides faster loading pages and is brilliant when it comes to responsiveness.


2.     Large Backgrounds
Large Website backgrounds can create an impressive visual impact on websites. This is one of the best way to grab attention of users. This design trend involves a home page with very little content or text.The background can be just an image,vedio or large illustration. This approach will not suit for certain kind of websites so make sure before implementing it.

3.     Slide out Menus
Slide out menus are really helpful when you want to view the content of the website without any distraction. It is placed on the top or side of your website page. So it’s very easy to view the rest of the site’s content without interrupting your browsing experience.

4.     Less Text, More Video
Adding a business video to the site has become a popular trend these days. Video is a powerful tool for business because it can easily promote your services online by sharing it in social media or your website. It provides a dynamic, interactive experience for viewers.

5.     Focus on Mobile
Responsive web design is the another popular trend in Website development industries. Almost every people need mobile version of their site these days. Designers are increasingly working on social media integration, email subscriptions, long scrolling sites and many other features to make the site much easier to use on mobile phones.
6.     Endless Scrolling
Scrolling through a website is a better way to read and find information without clicking on any links. New design trends made this approach well organized and formatted so anyone can easily find the information provided on the website.



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