Article writing

New Ideas on Article Writing: I was very interested to read and write articles when I started writing online. Initially; I got many topics to be searched and written from other bloggers. But, this task was not easy to be carried over a long period. It is because many writers were discussing almost same topics. And many articles contain even similar content. So, what I decided was to create my own stand in writing.

Being a new professional in this area, this seems to be a very tough task at first. But, I was able to get a position in my readers’ mind.The first and foremost thing while writing articles or blogs is to stop blind imitations. You may refer other blogs inorder to get new topics or what others say about the topic you are about to write. But, this should not be blended with your ideas. You can refer to other articles, but should not follow the fool’s principle of Cntrl+C and Cntrl+V!The next equally important thing is to keep yourself updated with the ever changing trends. This will help you a lot to discover new ideas and tips.

Some networks like Ice Rocket, Alexa, Google Trends, eBay, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo  Buzz Index can also be referred inorder to search for new trends. Google alert is one of the best medium to get new ideas and trends.Social networking sites like Facebook do a great job in offering better ideas. So, keep well updated with social media trends also. It will help a lot in knowing global trends and also in getting connected with global audience.


Studying properly the SEO tools will help a lot in gaining fresh and innovative thoughts. By just typing SEO ONLINE TOOLS in Google, you can find a set of websites for the purpose of blogging or article writing.

All the above metioned tips are applicable only if you are having a powerful writing capability; which is gained through experience only.


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