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We all are familiar with social medias. Social media contribute to a major factor in improving website traffic. So it is essential to have more social media followers to our site. It directly impacts how much your content and messages get shared, it will increase your business’ ability to get found and generate leads, it will help extend your on-line footprint as a thought leader, and also the list goes on.

If you have more followers in social media, then their followers also become your followers by sharing or liking your page. This will contribute to more traffic to your site. That is your page rank will increase as the site traffic increase. You may have few influencers for your website, even if you have large followers for your site in social media. These influencers may follow your site but never buy any product or service from your company. But they can introduce more influencers to your site. So they are called influencers for a reason. These followers may not contribute revenue to your company but the inbound links from them will help to improve your site ranking.

Now let us see the ways to get more social media followers to your site.need of social media followers 2
  • Sharing page from your profile:You can share your page contents in social medias like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. This help to add new followers to your site if your existing followers like or share your page.
  • Using hash tag:You may be familiar with hashtag. It is more popular in Twitter. When you add hashtag to a post, then it will be entered in that particular stream. If someone looking for the posts related to hashtag or watching hashtag stream, then they can rapidly find your post, which help to increase the followers to your site.
  • Ask for followers:Asking the users to follow your page is another method to increase the followers to your site. It is good to use a strong call to action (CTA).
  • Adding badge of social media sites to your website:You can add badge to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. to your site. This will help the people to immediately follow the page.
  • Posting Ads in social media:By posting Ads of your website in social medias you can increase the number of followers to your site.
  • Sharing the contents in communities:You can also share the contents in social media communities. This will help to attain more followers to your site. If you add relevant contents in the community, then the members will add you to the social media circle.

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