Need for cPanel in web hosting

CPanel is a web control tool which is used to manage and monitor your hosting account. Briefly saying, it is a web development tool that helps in website management using a graphical user interface (GU).With cPanel you have complete control in managing your website without depending on highly qualified web developers. CPanel lets you manage an unlimited number of websites, email accounts, etc. It control panel automates many tasks to make it easier for web hosts to sell hosting and for customers to manage their own accounts with ease.

cPanel Hosting

With cPanel hosting, you can easily view your web site’s hits and other statistics. The ability to point and click to install applications is another way cPanel hosting simplifies web site management. When you sign up with a web hosting provider, you will get a username and password you’ll use to log into their cPanel. Once there, you can see the disk space and bandwidth you have used, configure email accounts, manage domain names, install scripts, upload files to your web server and administer databases, among other things. The somewhat confusing thing is that cPanel is a brand name; but the generic name for this type of software is a web hosting control panel.

cPanel web hosting

Website Development and Hosting

CPanel has now made website administration and development very easy tasks; even to the new entrants in the field of website development and hosting. It also helps you in creating and maintaining database, uploading and downloading files. It also helps you in creating, editing and deleting files; and much other functionality.

Webindia solutions can help you to know about certain advanced features of CPanel. It is a graphical user interphase; the users can access it as a front-end tool to carry out various website operations. Some other important features that can be easily handled through the cPanel are the file manager, mailing lists management, autoresponder, Crontab tasks, PGP keys, and email management, mail forwarding, webmail and spam filtering. These are great features to help any type of website.


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