Data Base Management System

The best DBMS (Data Base Management System) for any web host clients is MySQL. The strongest advantage of MySQL is that the DBMS is based on Open Source Programming. But, it should not be considered freeware. Also There are a number of patented functions which costs money. web host


Open Source Software

Being open source software, MySQL allows users to modify the DBMS. It is licensed under the General Public License and has an open source code. The license gives them the right to view, alter and improve the source code. Moreover This is the reason behind the vast popularity of MySQL.

Another major advantage of MySQL is that it will never waste their users’ time. Also You might be familiar with some other DBMS that are slow on updates. In fact MySQL has reached the top with new and upgraded versions coming out often. It is also used mostly with Linux Operating System. Also MySQL is fast and reliable.
cPanel is a good platform of database usage for beginners. phpMyAdmin function offers us the visual aid in managing many MySQL tasks. E can also create many dynamic applications for our websites with the presence of MySQL

Many of the web hosts are offering MySQL due to:

  • Ultimate Scalability
  • Platform Flexibility
  • High Performance
  • High speed load utilities
  • Distinctive Memory caches
  • High Availability
  • Solid Reliability
  • Data Integrity
  • Open Source Freedom
  • 24X 7 Support
  • Least Total Cost of Ownership

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