Mistakes To Be Avoided By Designers

For any profession, there are some do’s and don’t do’s. In this post, we will come across certain things that designers have to follow.  Some of these points can be applied to your field also.

Waiting = Wasting

You might have been the best student during your graduation days or have spent many hours of classes or seminars. Also You might also be a person with strong knowledge base on Photoshop, JQuery, Flash and many more. You have even built your own portfolio. Now, don’t waste a single second by sitting back and thinking what next. I’ve seen many freelancers ruining their own career by waiting for opportunities come their way. The result is that customers or employers will be finding someone else who is active in your field. So, keep yourselves active in your field.

  • Now what are the ways to stay active in design industry?
  • Involving yourself in a community of designers and developers.
  • Be active in social networks.
  • Take old designs and improve on them.
  • Work for free for friends or non-profit organizations.
  • Research on new design trends.
  • Create your own design strategy.
Think Think and Think:

Whatever you are going to design or develop, let it be yours only. Just think what’d be the best for this site or which design is going to best suit this particular website. Don’t create boundary to your thoughts. Referring other designers’ works for new idea is actually an old idea. Always remember that you cannot always create something your own by reference. So, stop searching and create your own design.

Creating your Niche:


Everyone is having their own area of expertise and interest. So, don’t doubt to focus on your area of interest as you are the one who can do it at the best. By moving away from your area of expertise, or thinking of other landscape which you are unfamiliar, you can’t be much productive. This will be detrimental to your career. So, by focusing on what you can do the best, you can produce the best results.

This doesn’t mean to avoid all related fields in your industry. I have heard that learning the basics of photography will help designers to understand color, 3D space, composition etc. But, the most important focus should be on design itself.


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