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Sticky website!!?? You might be thinking what this sticky website means. There are a lot of websites over the internet- good and bad, both. A sticky website is the one which we don’t want to leave. A first time reader finds it very difficult to leave a sticky website. This is because something about the website that pressurizes them to discover further. Apart from this, sticky websites motivate visitors to return again and again to them. Following are my suggestions on how to make your website sticky.

Good Website Design:

The most important part which makes a visitor stick on to your website is its design itself. People won’t take days or hours to judge a website. They need just a few seconds. If they find something confusing and blurred, they will never return to your website. A good website with attractive design will help people for easy navigation and it helps creating best impression for your website. So, keep your website simple and beautiful and it can surely be a sticky website. Remember- Don’t place ads above the fold.


An equally important factor that draws attention of people is an attractive brand. At a first glance itself, people should be able to understand about your product/ services. A good logo, quality images, color scheme etc are the integral parts of online branding.


Respond to emails instantly:

When you reply to somebody’s email, you are giving value to them. This is an effective and easy way to make people return to your website. This can also create a great impression in the visitors mind forcing them to visit your site again and again.

Promote Social Media Connecting Points:

We are in a magical era of social marketing. A good percentage of your website visitors will be having a social network account. So, they will more likely respond to your invitation to Join us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter.

For example, some of our blog readers refuse to subscribe via RSS or email but read my blog by following my Facebook profile.



Above all, the most important key to make your website sticky is its content itself. Surely you can develop a good website with professional website developers like Web India Solutions. But, the readers should also find something that engages them with your website.

I would also like to hear from you and post any new tips or techniques on the topic. I’d also prefer hearing from you the steps you have adopted in making your website sticky. Please post your suggestions and comments.


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