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Wondering why your beautifully designed website isn’t bringing any organic traffic? The reason is obvious – There are no on-page or off-page signals indicating to search engines that this website deserves a spot in the top positions of the SERPs.

This usually happens when website owners or the web designers are not aware of search engine optimization or methods to rank for crucial keywords.

On the other side, you see too many websites that are optimized, a little too much. Scattered with money keywords throughout the website, irrelevant hyperlinks, large amount of meaningless texts and nothing that makes sense to a user.

Minimalism has become a trend and words are on their way out. Creative images and videos still hold their power. There is not much room left for a heavy text content focused on keywords.

Finding the balance between ‘white hat SEO’ and minimalistic designs could get real messy in some instances. But when you are the one designing the website, you decide where to draw the line. It’s totally up to you to come up with the perfect SEO-friendly and minimalistic website design. How do you do that?


Work out on your goals


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SEO is highly keyword specific. Your website may be ranking on the first page for one keyword but may not even in the top fifty results for another keyword, it’s normal in the search engine world.
Always remember the motto behind a page before you publish it. If you are designing the landing page for a paid campaign, give priority to the user experience that doesn’t involve result oriented keywords or any advanced SEO techniques. Keep things simple for your user and make it appealing.
On the contrary, if this page is intended to bring organic traffic, think about optimizing this page for search engines along with serving a great user experience.


Experiment with your website

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Minimalistic pages usually fall short of important information whereas SEO-focused pages usually overwhelm with a little too much information.
A normal user can simply know it when he/she see the page. Try out different designs. Experiment how reducing text content could affect your CTR. Check if your rankings dropped.

What would happen if you add more information to the page? Is it becoming more relevant in the user point of view and making them stay longer?
Experimentation is the only way that you can ever succeed with on-page optimization.


Prioritize your users

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Maintaining the equilibrium between a great user experience and SEO can never be easy, but it is not impossible either. The key is ‘users first’.

When you plan on the structure of your page and motto behind it, you should also look at it from a user’s point of view. How will a first time visitor feel? What will they consider? Will they try to contact you?

Experiment and understand what your users are looking for so that you can provide them your best. Find ways to provide for your users. This will definitely lead you to a successful web design and a working strategy for your business.




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