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Tips to Boost Your Business Profile: Similar as with SEO for Google, LinkedIn is also a big player to increase your online visibility. LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations and has more than 200 million viewers. LinkedIn search rankings are based on high quality contents, keywords and engagement from audience. Here I am discussing few methods to boost your company’s brand on LinkedIn.


    1. Complete your profile

      -This is the first task that you have to do in LinkedIn website. Many of them don’t spend much time to complete their full profile. This is actually a bad idea. You should fill out every single section of LinkedIn profile.

  1. Expand your Network

    -In LinkedIn site, you need to be connected to as many people as possible. By expanding your size of your network, your LinkedIn profile’s visibility will improve in the search results. LinkedIn normally considers the size of the network.

  2. Participate in LinkedIn Groups

    – Participation in LinkedIn groups is a powerful tool in boosting your rankings as the size of your personal and professional network increases. Once you have become part of a group, try to actively involve in it by taking time to make meaningful and professional contributions.

  3. Include Search Keywords in your profile

    – Make sure to include relevant keywords in your profile that describes your products and services. It is important to target the keywords which potentials clients or visitors would enter into the LinkedIn search bar.

  4. Associate Employees with your company profile

    – The more followers you get in your profile the higher rank in LinkedIn search results. So ask the employees to associate with the company profile by sharing updates in the personal profile and by optimizing their profile publicly.

  5. Promote your LinkedIn Profile

    – Provide the link of your LinkedIn profile on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and any websites.

  6. Share quality content

    – It is important to share high quality content with relevant keywords on your LinkedIn profile. As with every search engines and social networking sites, content is the king always.


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