The internet is actually stuffed with portfolios of graphic designers, website developers, photographers and other professionals. There are several facts to be considered while showcasing your expertise before the public. First of all, as I always tell ser up your goal. This is sufficient to develop the right content to your website. Certain other questions to ask yourself are who your target customer is, what work you are expecting to build up and what your right field of work is. Now, you can discover the “voice” of your website.

Outline of your content

Next step is to create an outline of your content. Focus on what to include in your website without affecting your design. You may also start deciding names for your menu items; of course it may be changed later. As you may know the standard names are About, Contact, Portfolio, Career, Services etc. I don’t think you need any further explanation for these, right? However, you are always free to develop new ideas represented in unique ways to satisfy different audiences.

Categorization of your work

The next thing you have to do is proper categorization of your work. If you are doing a particular section of a work, you need not classify it. But, if you are expert in more than one category, you can create different sections. This categorization may be done on the basis of type of media (print, web etc), type of work (design, packaging, brochures etc) or industry (non-profit, entertainment etc). You can also use a combination of the above mentioned categories.

You might be a professional with a very good experience in your industry. However, your popularity might be lying in certain works only. So, proper selection of works to showcase in the portfolio is very important. Remember, prospects don’t spend much time in your portfolio. So, each work should be something you are proud of. Initially, you might not have many projects to include; but you can expand your portfolio at any time.

How to present?

Once you have selected the right works to present, you can put some time to decide how to present it well. If you are taking an architect as example, for some works, displaying their work using graphics will do. On the other hand, certain other works may look best if you photograph it. The quality of your website depends on the quality of your portfolio to a certain extend. Another factor that determines your brand is the written content. Hiring a professional writer to create, or at least to edit your content is a good idea.

Now you are ready with your content and images. It is time to start your website design process. Starting with your wireframes, create several designs. Shape your design again and again until you get exactly what you want. So, when your website is ready, select a domain name and hosting service provider to get it online.


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