Email address with Company Name

One of the best ways to promote your business and your website is through your email address. You’ll be advertising your domain name, instead of advertising for your internet service provider. Is your mail address ends with,,, or any other personal or consumer type e-mail address domain? By using these types of e-mail accounts you may blow your credibility as an established and serious business.

Now let us see the reasons for using your company’s name in your email address.

  • Unprofessional:

    An email address with your domain name makes a good impression on your clients. It is just like a handshake. We usually provide our email address on business card and websites. This makes our website or business more professional and also it is recognizable to use an email address with your domain name instead of Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail.Is it necessary to have an Email address with your company's name

  • It’s telling:

    If you have a Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL email address, this tells others that you haven’t tried to work on your email branding as it is a main point of contact for you. This also implies that you aren’t particularly organized in the case of email because these accounts are very difficult to use with a poor user interface. If you have a Gmail account you tell others that you are lucky by getting the best free email application available.

But if you have an email address with your domain name, tells that you really get an email. You can also control your brand and have unlimited email space including backups, archiving and forwarding ability. You will never lose this email address as long as the domain is paid for. Also this can’t be taken away from you.

  • Trust issues:

    Consumer e-mail accounts are very easy to open and close that these kinds of e-mail accounts can provide the impression you’re not an established or stable business.

  • Spammy:

    One of the major disadvantages of using Gmail type email is it that it looks like spam to the recipient. Technically, it is not a spam, and may not be marked as spam. The visitors may not expect an email from a name and address that they haven’t seen before. So there is a chance for Is it necessary to have an Email address with your company's name11deleting them before being opened. Similarly, if you are using Gmail or similar type of account for business, your emails also face the risk of being stopped or ignored by spam filters.

If you already have a company domain, obtaining e-mail addresses with your domain name is easy. In many cases your website developer/designer will give them to you. If not, the company you have your domain registered with can give them as well.

When communicating with your website’s email address, make sure to set up a professional signature. Your “signature” is a bit of text that your email software will automatically increase the end of all outgoing messages. It should include your name, address, business name and phone, and of course a link to your business website.


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