Blog Commenting

For the past few years blog commenting was one of the effective methods for SEO. But now it become a headache for the webmasters that, blog commenting is working or not. Blog commenting has been used for boosting the visibility of your website, traffic and back links. But the over commenting of blog for optimizing your website is considered as spam for Google.

The main reason for this is, through blog commenting many spammers are creating not worthy incoming links in order to improve the organic search rankings of their website. But Google is appealing good at undervaluing these types of links. So, spending several hours for building these forms of links might be count for little nothing or less.

The factor to remember is that even before the introduction of penguin, utilizing blog comments for link building only offered value if the blog/website was credible and if it offered true “do-follow” links, since these are the only links that provide link juice that will get noticed by Google.Is blog commenting work well for SEO

Blog Commenting

In blog commenting the best practice is to limit the number of links you place in your comment. In some cases if you’ve another valuable blog/article of your own that might add to the topic of discussion; this could be acceptable to include. Not only does this decrease your possibilities of getting your comment approved but may also be flagged by Google.

Some people might notify you that links through blog commenting is worthless.  Because many of the blog commenting sites can give you the “no follow” links that are not worth greatly, although they’re not useless by any manner.

Doing blog commenting with anchor text is spammy technique. And certainly won’t assist you to create contacts which must be your major goal when commenting. Blog Commenting is on building relationships, and not for do follow links.

Commenting on Blogs

Commenting on blogs may be a good factor, only if you’re staying away from spammy websites as well as posting a sales pitch content on others blogs. Sites that offers do follow links for commenting are usually have spammed comments, content, along with very little or no organic traffic.Is blog commenting work well for SEO11 Thus rather than focusing more commenting blogs put efforts for relevant blogs for building your reputation.

Ideally you’re doing commenting within your niche so that you’re obtaining your brand name in front of potential customers to your website. Although they don’t click on your comment links, having your brand name hammered home will facilitate with developing trust.  Later when they go to make a purchase they may recall your brand name.

As long as you are not actively using blog comments as some way to extend your back-link profile considerably, you’re posting on topically relevant blogs. And you are not using a spammy keyword heavy name; but are using your real name instead, you should be fine and not get penalized.


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