Alexa Rank

Many marketers and SEO experts use to say that Alexa Rank is just important for website advertising and it serves no use for its evaluation. I have read many articles saying the same. Still, you can see many articles or discussion forums speaking the importance of having better Alexa ranking for your blog.

Don’t think that nobody among your website visitors will care about Alexa ranking of your site. Advertisers come first in the list of visitors who care about your Alexa traffic rank. Since they expect a good return on their investment, advertisers looks for a website with good traffic always. They trust Alexa Rank as a good symbol of traffic. They look for websites with Alexa rank less than or atleast equal to one lakh.

If you are not getting people to comment on your blog posts or articles, the reason may be your Alexa rank. As you may know people are commenting on your blogs for the purpose of SEO. They will have a look at your Alexa rank to see what benefit they will be getting by commenting on your blogs. Without mutual benefit, no one will comment on your blog.

Have you heard about “Help A Reporter Out” or HARO? It brings many reporters, bloggers, news sources and numerous businesses together to promotion of their products and services. Although it is free, if you need to get any information, you will have to meet the criteria given on your Alexa ranking. Otherwise, it may not get published.

Guest Bloggers

As you may know, there is no better strategy to increase your page ranking other than writing fresh content or blogging. Blogging doesn’t mean simply discussing certain facts and figures. It should be something your audiences or readers wish to read or they are in search of. Without doubt I can say that one of the key metrics that Guest Bloggers find to decide whether to submit a blog is your Alexa rank, of course.

Event Leaders

And finally, the event leaders– who create and run workshops, webinars or conferences have described Alexa rank as a major criterion for a blog to get a ticket to participate in their events. So, improve your Alexa Rank. Installing an Alexa rank widget, blogging about Alexa traffic rank and exposure to social communities are some of the easiest way to increase your site’s Alexa rank.


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