Intel Centrino

The world of technology looks for more and more improved technologies. As a result of the competition in many fields new technologies have arrived that reduces time, increase the speed and so on. One of those technologies is the Intel Centrino. Centrino is a new technology package from Intel that provides in-built wireless support for laptop computersl; and while creating it possible to run a laptop all day (up to seven hours) without battery recharge.

Through Centrino, Intel hopes to encourage companies and users to replace their current laptops with a newer, or more mobile version. Analyst recommends that a more mobile laptop may in time replace the personal computer also.

A Centrino package may consist of the following:
  • The 855 Chipset family
  • The Pentium M processorintel centrino
  • The PRO/Wireless network connection

In addition to a 400 MHz system bus and a 1 MB L2 cache, the M processor has the power to use only the voltage that applications require. The 855 Chipset supports up to 2 GB of double data rate (DDR) memory and USB 2.0 for quicker information transfer. The PR/Wireless connection supports Wi-Fi (802.11b) and power functions designed to improve battery life.

The Intel Pentium-M processor could be a lower power, higher performance mobile processor with many micro-architectural enhancements over existing Intel mobile processors.

Some important features of the Intel Pentium-M processor Micro-architecture include the following:
  • Dynamic Execution
  • 400-MHz
  • On-die 1-MB second level cache with Enhanced Transfer Cache design
  • Streaming SIMD Extensions 2
  • Increased Intel Speed Step technology

The Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 Network connection Certified by integrated Wi-Fi has been validated and designed to work with all of the Intel Centrino mobile technology elements. And is ready to attach to 802.11b Wi-Fi certified access points. It also provides advanced wireless LAN security together with Cisco LEAP, 802.1X and WEP. Finally, for comprehensive security support, the Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 Network connection has been verified with leading VPN suppliers like CheckPoint, Cisco, Intel NetStructure and Microsoft.


‘Centrino’ may be a promoting term for a kind of laptop that promotes wireless network interoperability and long battery life; whereas ‘Core’ refers to the processor itself. To earn a Centrino badge, laptops should utilize a particular kind of motherboard chipset; a particular kind of wireless network card and a processor from the Intel Core centrino12

Three kinds of Core processor are usually employed in Centrino laptops: Core duo, Core 2 duo and Core Solo. Core Solo CPUs represent the lowest rung-they are available in many guises but each variant is optimized for long battery life instead of raw speed. Laptops using Core Solo CPUs fall under the Centrino brand.

Core Duo processors are used in Centrino duo-branded laptops. These are the dual-core alternatives to Core Solo. They generally have higher clock speeds, but more significantly, two cores (essentially twin brains) to share the workload.

Newer Centrino duo laptops can utilize the Core 2 duo series of processors. Also these chips have double as much Level 2 cache memory for higher performance, have Intel 64 technology , that allows you to make the most of 64-bit operating systems and optional 802.11n Wi-Fi access with high-speed.


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