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Do you know the importance of Social Bookmarking in getting traffic to your site? Social Bookmarking is where someone adds your website to a social bookmarking site like StumbleUpon or Digg. Mass bookmarking is not any longer effective because the huge number of links back to your own website seems like spam to the search engines and therefore you need to be selective where you bookmark your website.

Since there’s a social aspect to these bookmarking sites others get to see what kind of sites have been bookmarked. For example, if a specific web site has received lots of bookmarks then it’ll get larger visibility on that particular bookmarking site and therefore probably gets even more attention from people visiting the site. Importance of Social Bookmarking in getting more traffic to your site

Social bookmarking can send plenty of traffic to any website. If you are doing it properly then you can see a huge increase in visitors. The trick is obtaining your content onto the front page of these types of sites, but a lot depends on you making the appropriate submissions and ensuring the right information is in place. Success can also result in your website and pages receiving new incoming links.

Here we’ve some areas to consider when submitting to bookmarking sites to assist work towards improved traffic.

Use catchy titles

If your title doesn’t stand out then the chances are your page largely can go unseen. you need to create a title that may grab the eye of your audience. Titles that include a call to action or a “how to” element always catch the attention.

Write a description that stands out

When submitting; confirm the description you include backs up your title and can help to grab and then hold their attention. Keep the description to the point and be promotional of your content. Make people need to read what you have submitted. But don’t create it too long. Not many people are trying to read a long review as well as the article itself.

Content is the King

At the end of the day if the content isn’t interesting then the chances are it won’t be voted on or suggested to other readers and members within the communities. Write something worthy and interesting to your audience. If it is good then you’ll receive good feedback and more exposure.

Must know when to submit

Submitting your content is important but it’s also just as important to know when to submit. The time you make your submission may be crucial to the kind of exposure you receive. If you submit at a time when a majority of your market is asleep then you won’t receive much exposure at all. If you are submitting during office hours it will be detrimental as most of the people are online during these hours.

Submit to a most relevant categoryImportance of Social Bookmarking in getting more traffic to your site12

When you submit, submit to the proper category. If this is not done then you’ll lose your audience.

Build up your profile

This point is so important: It’s not enough that you just have a profile on any social bookmarking website. You need to build up your profile. The better your profile, the more chance your content has of being noticed by others.

Help your visitors to bookmark your website

Make sure to include bookmarking buttons on your pages or blog posts which can enable readers to bookmark easier.


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