How Web Design Can Affect Search Engine Rankings?

Do you know that even your website design can affect SEO? Website designed by professionals can improve page ranks in search engine. Every website designer should be aware of some design aspects that affects SEO. Whether it is a static website or dynamic website, inorder to achieve the fruitful benefit of SEO, many points have to be taken under consideration.

1. Size:
If your website has only few pages and if your competitors are having more number of pages in their website, then you can lose a better page rank. If you don’t have enough description about your product or services, then you may add free resources for visitors. This will result in increased traffic to your website along with better sales return.
2. Graphics-Based Web Sites.
While a website is developed with more graphics or Flash effects, it gives a pleasing experience to the visitors. But, this will ruin your search rankings. Website created using HTML tags will promote search engine optimization. So, creating an html based side of your website along with graphic design can improve SEO and provide good experience to the visitors.
3. Dynamic Web Pages.
In case of dynamic websites, where the content is changing frequently, all the pages cannot be indexed by major search engines. Also, the URL of such sites may contain characters like “?”,” #”, “&”,” %”, or” =” along with many random numbers as well as letters. Since these URLs are automatically generated, search engines have no time to update them always.Providing a sitemap in your website is a remedy to this problem. By listing all your static pages to let the search engines find your permanent content, your pages can get indexed.
5. Choosing a Domain Name.


When choosing a domain name, you should select either your business name or a brief description of your product or service. Domain names are another place where you can put your keywords. Choose a domain name that is memorable and easy to print on business cards or in ads. If your current domain name has to be changed so as to make it search engine friendly without losing your existing rank, an easy way to do is 301 redirect. This moves your existing customers to the new website instantly, maintaining your present rank.

As I always tell, social media and unique content are the major things to be remembered today for the purpose of SEO. Google algorithm has been revised a few months back. Now, Google will penalize websites with duplicate content to lower search rankings.


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