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How to protect your business Reputation Online? This a question often asked by many business firms. Starting from the basics we will suggest certain tips on how to do this.
More than 90% of consumers search for local businesses online. If they do not like what they see, they will avoid your business. Many business owners, however, are focused on the day-to-day operations that it’s difficult to keep up with everything that is being written about or said about their business. Nobody wants to find out that bad things are being said about them, whether these comments come from a real customer, a disgruntled former employee or someone wishing to harm your business. The most effective way to deal with this type of online reputation negativity is to have an effective campaign in place to counter the negative with positive reviews about your business along with positive web articles.

Clearly, while the internet is a great marketing tool it also harbors unyielding potential to destroy your reputation. Fortunately, there are precautions you can take.

  • Deliver a legal warning if anyone is publishing internet content on a website, forum or even as a Facebook message that borders or clearly infringes on libel or slander.
  • While addressing complaints on social media sites try to offer recourse in the form of a return or exchange to appease a disgruntled customer.
  • Take care if you keep on getting the same type of complaints, try learning from them and correcting the situation.
  • Never ever go back and click a link that may negative content about you. You’re only encouraging Google and pushing that site up in the page results.
  • Set up a Google alert for yourself and your company so that you will be alerted whenever someone mentions you.

If a website misrepresents you, contact them and request they remove the material. Once they’ve removed it, you can approach Google and ask them to remove the site completely off their index.

You have to take care of certain facts about how you can protect, maintain. And grow your business’ reputation online, and position yourself to generate greater revenues and attract more customers. We will suggest certain tips regarding these matters.

Have a Strong Website:

If your website is not performing well, then you should urgently take action.
Whether you are suffering from poor hosting services or having a sloppy design and unattractive to search engines and users, it is doing damage to your reputation even as you read this. Make your website the flagship component of your business, and watch your reputation soar.

Take Control through Social Media:

Ensure you have social media accounts set up for your business. As this content will consistently rate highly and often on the first page, given the power of these websites.

Ensure you are using social media as a tool for engaging customers. And growing your brand, too, rather than just as a reputation management exercise. If you don’t engage well, then ironically, this will also negatively impact on how others view you and your brand.

Consider PPC:

If you have had a bad experience with an SEO ‘professional,’ or are in the early stages of growing your brand. Then pay-per-click is one way in which you can ensure prominence in search results, which is often perceived as a reflection of a great reputation. Don’t take PPC for granted, however, as you will need to ensure that you are doing the work to convert clicks into sales, or else you are paying for a service with no return.
Look for Yourself: Monitor everything that is written about you online, and ensure you take the time to respond to everything, both negative as well as positive. Your reputation has the potential to make or break your business; take the time to look after it; and you will find you are duly rewarded.


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