Name Your Business

When you start a business how would you name your business firm? The easiest way is to give their own name to the business. This is usually a default option. This gives your business a more personal and arty touch. Sometimes the designers may attach their initials and discipline along with their business name. Some others may give a business name that is less personal. It might be more professional and allows the business to grow beyond any individual.

Naming your business is the most important and exciting parts while you start a business. There are several tips that you must consider while naming your business. Let us have a look at this.

  • Your values, vision and passion: Before naming your business, you must know the values, vision and passion that must reflect on your business name. Vision means the legacy that you have to leave behind. Also you must know what is important to you in your work and how you are going to work with others. This is based on certain qualities like your expertise, professionalism, innovative solutions, sustainability, affordability, playfulness etc. You must also know what you passionate about are.naming-business
  • Know whether it reflects in your business market: A good business name shows who you are and which ideal clients that you are trying to attract. Your business name must provide an introduction to your business, because a client will always see the business name first before seeing you in person. You must be aware about the image that your business creates in client’s mind. For this you have to identify your business market and define what you will do for them. You must also identify your ideal clients.
  • Get more inspiration: You must try to get the inspiration from the role models and your competitors. You can also provide images along with your business name. Also create a mood board or mind map.
  • Check the reality: While naming your business, you must take into consideration the following factors.
  1. The name must be easy to spell: This is a very important factor while naming your business. Avoid using quirky spellings.
  2. The name must be easy to remember: This will allow you to get more clients to your site. If your business name is easily memorable, then the clients can easily search for your site.
  3. Work internationally: You must make sure that your name doesn’t mean something offensive in any other language.
  4. The name you choose should be of future proof: It is difficult to change your business name after your site have been published and gained popularity.
  5. Check whether there are any restrictions on your business name: You must be careful while selecting the name. Because certain words are not allowed and are protected.
  6. Check whether the name is available or not: You must check whether if someone else is using the name.
  • Make your business name legal: You must try to register your business name legally. Most of them will usually skip this. If you legally publish your business name then no one else can use your business name for their business.

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