How to make your website search engine friendly?

You all know that this is the age of websites. As the numbers of websites are growing rapidly, it will be difficult for a newly developing website to become a part of website traffic. Webindia solutions can suggest certain tips for creating search engine friendly websites. The effective way to create search engine friendly website Search Engine Optimization (SEO). An important thing you should remember about search engine is that their software can read text. So you can code the contents of the website in HTML, so that they can be read by the search engine.


When a website is created using flash or there is presence of PDF document in the website, then the search engine won’t be able to read the site. Increasing the number of links is also a way to make a website more search engine friendly. Links are like a vote for your page and you can’t rank a website without them. While adding the contents majority of your web content should be plain text rather than flash or javascript.The loading time of flash and JavaScript is much more than that of plain text.

The architecture of your website should be simple for the users as well as for the search engine. You can use keyword phrases as the headlines on the websites. Most of the websites uses their company name are title tags, but we suggest you to use keywords or keyword phrases as title tags. There are some tips to check the friendliness of a website. First one is to check whether the links are hyperlinks that are open for search engines to follow. Secondly, check whether all the pages on your site are just 2 or 3 clicks from home page


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