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There are many web hosting companies in India. Web India Solutions has build up a name of good web hosting company among them.  We provide the service of a dedicated server to our clients. Being in the web hosting arena for the past few years, we are well experienced with the problems normally occurring with web hosting. So, we always make our clients aware about all such issues to avoid some hosting issues.

Proper Communication:
Many issues will be getting resolved if we can get the technical contact with the client directly. This will help to discuss the issues before they become problems. Almost all problems will be resolved if the two technical contacts work together during DNS modification stage
Launching A Website:

Never schedule the launch of a website for the end of a week. During DNS modification stage, more problems are likely to happen. So, you may want to wait till the next week to fix problems. So, scheduling launch for Monday or Tuesday is ideal. Before the website launch, always check with domain name and confirm the accuracy of the administrative contact information.


Having a glance through the testimonials of the web hosting service providers will help you a lot. This will help you in providing accurate information on the company’s service. So, study other clients’ previous experiences with the company.


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