Expired Domain Backing Up

The number of domain names that are available is effectively infinite.  That is why many go through the process of trying to re-register expired domains. You might be the person who originally owned the domain and also might have an appreciable amount of branding.
Eventhough, changing the domain name is common. You can possibly get a domain name close to your original name.

There will be always someone who will really want to pick up your expired domain name. Your product name may be their family name. Whatever may be, customers will be always there.

 “Expired” have not expired:

There is a grace period that goes along with the expiration date of your domain. This grace period is determined by your domain’s registrar. Also, it is different for different top level domains. During this grace period, you (the original owner) can re-register the domain at its normal rates.

Once you have crossed the grace period, there is a ‘redemption’ period. If you are about to renew your domain during this period, you will have to pay a higher fee. In this period also, there is no chance for others picking up your domain.

If you haven’t registered after this redemption period also, the registrar can immediately open the domain name for re-registration by any one. Don’t let this ever happen!! You know why? Internet is full of digital vultures that are ready to take away these domains seconds after re-entering the market place. Once they register them, you will have to pay a huge amount to get it back.

Remember -there are nearly an infinite number of many domains.  Before paying a few hundred, or even thousands for your dream domain name, ask yourself whether you can get by with an alternative.  A lot of web sites have discovered that they can. So, find the best web hosting providers in India.


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