Design Your Business Card

You may have seen the business cards of different business firms. Do you know how to create an attractive business card? Your business card requires certain qualities such as you must be always ready to meet your clients with your own business cards. Your business card must contain the basic information about your business and it should build awareness about your business. You can make your business card online that helps to advance your business. Also your business card must help you to increase your brand awareness in your customers mind.

Designing a Business Card

The most important factor that you must keep in mind while designing a business card is the shape and size. The standard size of a business card is 2”x3.5”. It is either in horizontal or vertical direction. Horizontal orientation is mostly used traditionally. But now most companies opt for vertical orientation. But it is not necessary to keep the standard size and shape for a business card. Using the latest cutting and printing techniques, any shape and size can be adopted for your business card.

Now let us see the materials and effects that are used in making a business card. Most of the business cards are printed on paper cardstock. The cardstock comes in different textures, colors and weights. The cardstock is a paper which has a weight between 50 and 110lbs. Also we have to consider the paper color in addition to weight of the paper. Mostly we use white or cream color paper. But this is not necessary. We you can use any color for your business card. The next important factor that we must consider is the texture of the paper. You can decide whether your paper to smooth or rough, glossy or matte, or in between them.

how to design a business cardUV Protective Coating to your Business Card

You can also provide water resistant or UV protective coating to your business card. This makes your card more durable and attractive. Mostly the business cards are printed on paper. But now wood and plastic business cards are more popular. Occasionally metallic business cards are also used. Plastic business cards are available in different colors and even in opaque, clear and frosted structures. But these aren’t more expensive when compared to high quality paper cards.

Embossing is another method that is done on business card to make it more attractive. It is the process to getting a raised area on a piece of paper by applying heat or pressure. This is usually done without applying any ink on the raised area of the paper. Monogram, logo and other images are embossed on a business card.

Printing Mechanism

You can also adopt different printing mechanism for your business card. The most common commercial printing is offset, in which you are getting large quantity of business card printed. Now a days digital printing is most commonly used for printing business cards. For this laser printer or inkjet printer is used most commonly.

Next you have to consider the color and style while designing a business card. The choice of the color will have a great impact on the type and cost of the printing process. If your website and the general style are minimalist, the use a minimalist card. It is good to use a four color printing process and this helps your style to shine through. Be more creative while designing your business card as if you created your website design.

Next important factor is the information to be included while designing a business card. The primary function of your business card is to provide your contact information to your clients. It is important to include your name, your company name, the services you offer and your contact information on your business card. You can also include your logo and a background image for your business card.


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