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Those who comment on my blog are surely great SEO analysts, knowing well that links are the best way to gain good search rankings. A link building campaign is the process of building up the number of inbound links your site has. There are many places to get a link, but a very popular and useful link source is through blog commenting. So, in this blog, I’d like to suggest certain tips to all my valuable commenters.

1. Name

If your company is a huge firm or a private limited one, you can’t stick on to a particular name while commenting; there are lot of chances that person leaves your company. But, try to use a real name whenever possible. When your name is not hidden behind your corporate name, it fosters trust with the blog owner.

2. Sentences

Apart from link building, commenting on blogs is a great way to build your brand. While commenting, try to leave atleast 3 sentences. Remember, blog owners can spot out ready made comments like “Great post”, “Very informative” etc. So, try to include sincere words in your comments.

3. Read the post

I’ve seen many people commenting without even reading the title of the blog. Atleast read the first paragraph or the key points to get the exact content. Just rehash what the author says; you will surely get noticed. Posting unrelated comments will surely affect your brand building.

4. Commenting on comments

Responding to other comments is the best way to start conversation among the blog readers. You can develop new and professional relationships too by doing this. Also, you will get into knowing the latest trends and news.

5. Comment first

Commenting first on a blog post will help you in link building and also for brand awareness. There is more chance for your comment to be get noticed and people visit your site.


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