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Web development has become an unbeatable industry in the world. There are many web hosting service providers across the world that guarantees 99.9% uptime. This 99.9% uptime is a good idea for the web hosts to present the quality of their hosting service. Then, how can you choose a good web hosting company??

It is very important to have a web host that is reliable and able to provide continual access to high quality servers. But, many hosts are unable to give their clients, some idea about 99.9% uptime. The server should be able to function normally so that websites can stay online. If the server is unable to function normally, websites will be subsequently down, commonly known as downtime. Cheap web hosts are more prone to downtime than established web hosts. So, it is not a good practice to depend on cheap web hosts or free hosting plans.

Depending on the plan you have opted (monthly or yearly), the uptime of each website can vary. For example, the website will be 99.9% uptime or it will remain online 99.9% of each month if the guarantee time is one month. Sometimes, the uptime guarantee may be the entire duration of hosting plan, which may be 3-5 years.

If you have chosen an yearly plan, 99.9% uptime guarantee is excusable for one and a half days. That means, 1.5 days of downtime are excusable. If it is a monthly plan, only two and a half hours are excusable from the terms of 99.9% uptime. If you have ever gone through page loading difficulties in your website, it might be due to the performance of servers provided by your web host.

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Anyway, it is not that easy to provide a 99.9% uptime; but should be able to provide an optimal functioning of the website. It is always better to depend on a web host like Web India Solutions who can provide the service of a dedicated server. Dedicated servers require maintenance less frequently than others.


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