How often should I update my website?

How often should I update my website? This is a major issue faced by many companies and business organizations. Before answering the question, let me ask you a question, why should you upgrade your site? How it affects your business. We will give solution to all these questions.

One of the biggest reason to update contents is to improve your search engine potential. A recent survey has stated that most websites are updated quarterly or atleast once in a year. There is a reason for this process. Search engines like updated websites, they often record how often websites are updated. They rank web pages on the basis of the number of times websites are updated. The more you update your website, more number of people will be attracted to your website.

When should I upgrade my website?

As technology is growing more and more widely, new web design features have came into existence. As browsers change to accommodate these new features, they’re often phasing-out the ability to display old features (features your website might still be using). In order to get a space in new browsers you should update your website inorder to get a space in search engines. Search engines place high value on websites that are consistently being updated with current, relevant content, and new content can be used to increase the volume of key words and phrases.

If search engine spiders can’t read your site because old technology is blocking them or not letting the spiders know what your site is all about, the search engine will likely move on to a better prepared resume, resulting in your website being positioned very low in search results, or not showing up at all.
Updating a website is not a hard task. We suggest updating your website at least twice a month, if not more often. You can update your website with simple things like announcements, special offers, news etc. Updates don’t need to be big news or events, just information that people can use. I suggest that you devote at least 30 minutes a week to updating your website. In fact, we challenge anyone out there who updates their website consistently did not result in an overall increase in website visitors.


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